Saturday, November 19, 2011


So, the TERPS were just awesome last night. 4 – 0 over ODU and it was never
close! The TERPS had 2 in the first half and 2 in the second, making 4 of their
8 total shots on goal. AND shut out the Monarchs! Mels had 6 saves including
some acrobatic stops in the 2nd half to preserve that shutout.The sideline
was electric as the clock ticked and ticked down to zero!! We were confident
we had won but a final PC chased some of the TERPS back to the sideline….
for oh about 20 secs and then the celebration began. It was a WOW night
for sure.

The TERPS took their practice time this AM, had some lunch and chose to
stay in or go to the movies...Twilight it was. Dinner and meeting tonight and
then going for their championship game rest. The 3rd straight meeting with
UNC for the NCAA title gets underway at 12p. Game is streaming live on, not sure if there is TV! Hopefully the weather cooperates one
more day!!


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